Funny how fast “see you in six months” gets here!

Tomorrow (Sunday) it is time once again for Parker and I to head down to Cincinnati Children’s Hospital. This time we know we are going to be there for a week (unlike last time) so I will be sure to pack plenty of undies and diversions for Parker.

Basically, we are following up on all the things that were seen in March. I will update daily but here is the schedule:

Sunday night: Sleep study.

Monday: ENT Clinic

Tuesday:  GI clinic and Pulmonology Clinic

Wednesday: Free Day!

Thursday: OR for a bronchoscopy, lung wash, eosophogeal biopsy and impedence probe placement.

Parker will be admitted to the hospital on Thursday to monitor the impedence probe.

Friday (knock on wood) we will head home after the pull the probe.

I’m still scratching my head a little bit about how my kid with a single (albeit complicated) airway issue suddenly finds himself with not only an ENT but also a pulmonologist and a GI specialist.

There are lots of questions and new things for me. So rather than try to explain what is going on in one long post I will update daily and try to explain what each of the departments are looking for.

We will also have plenty of free time and hope to catch up with some old friends while we are there. There also happen to be several families from who will be there at the same time, so time and schedules permitting we might be able to connect with some of those families!

On a sad note, this week, one of Parker’s best supporters here in Grand Blanc, passed away. Pam was the mother of my very first senior portrait client here and we hit it off immediately and became friends over the last two years. Pam lost her battle with chronic leukemia on Wednesday morning. She leaves four children whom she doted over and adored. I last saw Pam several weeks ago and despite my attempts to ask her how SHE was doing she was adament that we talk about Parker and what was next for him. I’m so sad that I will not be able to attend her funeral on Monday but Ian and I will be going to her visitation this evening.

Pam’s mother and father grew up in the Lafayette, Indiana area and she still has family in both Dayton and Buck Creek. She loved Arni’s and we never saw each other without promising that someday we would try to open an Arni’s pizza in Grand Blanc.

1 Response to “Funny how fast “see you in six months” gets here!”

  1. 1 Cathlin September 18, 2010 at 8:25 pm

    I met the owner of Arnei’s at a seminar… he is looking to expand and franchise… a nice guy… 🙂

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