Of stinky breath, drool and pee in my shoes!

Thought I’d better update.

Knock on wood, tomorrow morning we will head home. We aren’t out of the woods yet in terms of a bleed out but I suppose the feel comfortable with us leaving at this point. Parker really misses his daddy and his brothers and despite my best efforts to have fun while we are here, he is ready to go home.

On Thursday we were able to meet a family from Kentucky whose son is formerly trached. They met us at Cincinnati Museum which includes the Duke Energy Children’s Museum. Lots of fun and both boys fell asleep in the car on their way home! For dinner we met my elementary school friend, Tony, at the Cheesecake Factory. We haven’t seen each other in years but we’d recently reconnected on Facebook. It was fun to catch up.

Friday we went to a fun little indoor playplace in Covington, Kentucky. On our way back to the hotel to meet Grandma we got a call that we had a room at Ronald McDonald House. The hotel graciously let us check out without charging us for the night and we headed back down to the hospital with Grandma in tow for our first experience in RMH.

While we were living in Canada we had the extreme luxury of having Ian’s company pay for our hotel bills on each of our visits. We always opted not to stay in RMH during those times so we didn’t take a room away from another family. It’s been a great experience to stay here and if our medical adventure requires any more long stays we certainly won’t hesitate to stay here again. This RMH is the third largest in the nation, it houses up to 78 families at any given time.  There are playrooms, craft rooms, laundry rooms, mediation rooms, exercise rooms and two huge kitchens. There is lots to eat and lots to do. And, of course, there are lots of families to meet and kids to play with. The best part is we are literally right across the street from the hospital.

Saturday we went to the zoo. We met two other trach families there and Parker really enjoyed the warm day with kids his age. He didn’t like the birds but loved watching the polar bear swim.

Today we are just kind of hanging out. Grandma is headed back home and we are just taking it easy and organizing ourselves for our drive home tomorrow. Parker’s throat does hurt him and it is like clockwork when he needs his pain meds. Hopefully in another week that will go away.

Oh. I guess I’d better explain the title of my post. It is getting better, but Parker’s breath is just downright gross. If you’ve ever had your wisdom teeth out you know what I’m talking about. At night he seems to think that I have to sleep facing him. That means I’m usually contorted into some odd position to avoid the dragon breath! He’s also been drooling a lot. Not really a surprise but he sure hates it. At first he was down right hysterical because he was “dripping.” Now it is just at night. Thankfully these are both temporary side effects.

Now, about the pee in my shoes. Lots is going on at home . . . I woke up one morning to a text message from Ian with great news. Griffin woke up on his own the night before to go to the bathroom. This is first as he’s still wearing pull ups at night. It sounds like amazing news until you learn that he walked into our bedroom in a sleepy stupor then turned around and walked out. Ian went to follow him  and found him in Parker’s room with his pants down peeing in my running shoes. All I could do was laugh. And, remind Ian to wash my shoes!

Life sure is an adventure.

More pictures from our visit are here: http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=192205&id=573401017&l=2a617bcca0

1 Response to “Of stinky breath, drool and pee in my shoes!”

  1. 1 Barbara March 8, 2010 at 1:24 pm

    I’m glad to see that Parker is improving. Congratulations to you and Ian for keeping your sense of humor AND keeping him a happy little boy.


    Just want to let you know that many were the nights we led Ian out of our closet with his pants down. He seemed to be heading for Ed’s shoes (wise little man) not mine. The one night he headed for Sarah’s room we didn’t catch him. Her waste basket did though.

    SEE YOU SOON!!!!!!


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