Quick Update . . . and a request.

Parker’s last day of preschool is today. I’m sure he’s going miss it. Somehow, staying home all day with mommy just isn’t as fun!

In two weeks we are headed back down to Cincinnati Children’s. We are meeting with the head of the Pulmonolgy Department to discuss a few things. It seems likely that Parker will need to go on CPAP at night to support his breathing. At this point it is just too labored and too interupted for him to get a good night’s sleep. He will also go into the OR with both Drs. Wood (pulm) and Cotton (ENT) to look again and make sure that that is the right option at this point.

We are all hopeful that CPAP is a temporary measure (6 months to 2 years) to allow Parker’s airway to continue to grow and perhaps avoid the need for future surgical intervention.  Of course, there is a strong family history of obstructive sleep apnea so I, for one, am not going to hold my breath that we will ever get this kid off of a nighttime breathing machine. I’m still playing in my head how exactly we are going to get a feisty, redheaded bulldog  to wear a mask on  his face at night.  Not to mention  we get to go back to the days of a pulse oximeter machine as well.

Ok. Now, for the really important part of my post . . . my sister in law is a marathon runner. This makes her a  crazy person in my book  but I still like her anyway. Well, she’s signed up for Team in Training. If you aren’t familiar with the program it is a marathon training program designed to do massive  fundraising for blood cancer research. Since very few of us have not been touched by cancer, I thought I’d do my part to help her with her fundraising goal. Every little bit counts. And to sweeten the deal, Cathlin offers the following incentives:

For $50 you can add a song to her play list for the race

For $100 she will sell you a mile (mile 25 costs $120)

For $250 she will make you 250 peanut butter cookies with or w/o Chocolate Kisses (or Chocolate Chips) or 250 Chocolate Chip cookies and overnight them to you

For $500 she will write your name on her racing top

For $750 she will help you with your personal tax returns (she’s a CPA, don’t worry!)

For $1000 she will create a one of a kind bejeweled/bedazzled snuggie for you (I have NO idea what this is but it sure sounds fun, doesn’t it? Anyone want to donate $1000 and let us know?

So, if you can donate, please do.  Her fundraising page is here: Cathlin Chyzy – Team in Training.


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