Lots to celebrate.

April 10th is a big day. This day marks one year since Parker’s reconstruction surgery. One year trach free. It is hard to put into words what this means for us but I assure you it is big! We will probably celebrate somehow – that  is still to be determined and like many things in our crazy household we will probably fly by the seat of our pants! And that is ok – we are used to it by now.

In other news this week: we learned that Parker’s spinal MRI was normal.  No tethered spinal cord. Great news there. Parker also had his hernia repaired on Monday. Another scar to add to his battle wounds. Ian and I celebrated our 9th anniversary this week. I don’t think either of us could have predicted all that would come our way in our first decade together but I’m happy to say that nine years in we are still in love and we still like each other. At this point we plan to keep it that way for at least another 100 years or so!

Coincidentally, this week has brought back a lot of memories for me about Parker’s very first days. Last week, our friend and neighbor had an emergency c-section. She had been diagnosed with a prolapsed cord and was sent straight to the hospital. Thankfully, the newest addition to our neighborhood arrived safe and sound. But in talking to her mom about that day and the delirium and exhaustion she experienced I was reminded of the day Parker was born. After being awake for nearly two days, and going through labor and childbirth I was really not at all in my right mind. Looking back I’m so thankful that we didn’t have to make any really important decisions that day  . . .  big decisions, lack of sleep and epidurals just don’t mix! By the way, I had the supreme good fortune to take portraits of our new neighbor today. If you want to see some of them, peek here: www.suzanneuptonphotography.wordpress.com.

Happy Easter everyone!

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