9 months later . . .

Hard to believe that Parker’s surgery was nine months ago. We’ve had a lot of changes in that time . . . no more trach, we moved, Parker started preschool for the first time, and we’ve started speech therapy.

Parker is doing really, really well. He seems to weather illness and colds quite well, which was a concern of ours going into the first cold and flu season post surgery. He does seem “junky.” Meaning I always try to get him to cough because it seems that there is crud jiggling around in the back of his throat. This is a common note of parents of kids who have been decannulated. I guess these kids are used to having that stuff suctioned out for them and more importantly they are used to something (a trach) being there and they just have a higher tolerance for something that would drive me absolutely batty.

Speech is coming . . . slowly but surely. Each day, he trys to say new words. His voice is very immature. He says words the way you would expect a 12 or 15 month old to say them. He can’t say sounds that require his tongue to touch the front of the roof of his mouth. Do he says “rink” instead of “drink” and “a a” instead of “da da.” It is frustrating for all of us because he clearly knows what he is saying and we don’t always know what he is talking about. He does still use a lot of sign language, but interestingly, as soon as he clearly connected that he could make verbal words, he has less interest in learning for ASL and in using it.

Parker was supposed to go to Cincinnati next week for another follow up bronchoscopy but he has an upper respiratory infection so we’ve post poned it for a month. We will be interested to hear what they have to say and we hope that he will be cleared for annual visits moving forward.

Happy New Year!

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