Monday update.

We have had a busy few days. On Saturday, Grampa Ed and Nana (Ian’s dad and his wife) came to visit. On Sunday, Grandma and Grandpa “Bug” (Suzanne’s parents) came to visit. Today, our friend Robin from the tracheostomy forum came to visit. Robin is a trached adult. She was one of Dr. Cotton’s first patients when he came to Cincinnati (after his Fellowship at Sick Kids). He still follows her to this day, so she was here for a visit. The forum is for the families of kids who are trached but I can tell you that it is absolutely invaluable to have Robin and the couple of other adults with trachs. They can answer the things we wonder about: what does it feel like to get suctioned or have your trach changed? How does it feel to eat? Etc. Robin even brought us a loaf of homemade bread which we plan to break into soon!

Parker didn’t go into the OR today. He is scheduled for 8:45 a.m. tomorrow. Hopefully there will be no “news” from the scope and a definitive time will be set for his release from the hospital. He’s starting to get a little stir crazy and bored I think. Can’t say that I blame him. I know that seeing his brothers will be a big push to get him closer to his former strength and stamina. And getting an uninterrupted nap won’t hurt either.

I spent a long time on the phone today with a nursery school in Grand Blanc where we are moving. We didn’t put the other boys in a program when they were two years old but we (along with the speech therapists) think that getting him into a program next year will help his language development. This school already incorporates sign language into their toddler program and they seemed very willing to learn more and help Parker, should we enroll him. Our goal is to have Parker’s language, vocabulary, and voice quality as “typical” as possible by the time he enrolls in Kindergarten.

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