On the Airway Floor!

We made it. Parker graduated to the airway floor at about 1 p.m. today. Here he can play on a mat on the floor, go to the play room, and take wagon rides. He is still very weak and has a little interest in eating. So we will work on those things over the next few days.

He doesn’t want to stand on his feet but he is beginning to crawl short distances. For now, he needs to be hooked up to monitors so he doesn’t have much room to roam. They say it sometimes takes more than a  month to regain full strength and activity levels after the surgery.

As for eating: he pulled his feeding tube out just before we came down to the airway floor. The ICU doctors wanted it put right back in but we asked that it stay out until we got down here. He’s been on continous feeds so he just doesn’t feel hungry. We wanted to give him a chance to “want” to eat. If need be, we will put the tube in tonight and supplement his feeds overnight. But, one of the requirements before going home is eating normally. We did get him to drink some vanilla pediasure and eat some of that mixed with rice cereal, so we are started but have a long ways to go in that department.

In other news, Ian left today to go to Michigan. Some of you know this but most of you don’t. About a week before we came here for the surgery we learned that GM will be transferring Ian to a plant in Flint, Michigan. Thankfully, we have a really good sense of humor because, of course, the timing couldn’t be worse. Just after the surgery Ian was up there for a day to meet with his future colleagues and I found a few houses online that looked interesting. On a whim, Ian called the realtor from the one that we liked the best and was able to see it. Thank goodness he did that because they need us to move the end of May. So, we’ve been busy buying a house from the hospital.

So, Ian is going to be at his new plant tomorrow and his mom will bring the boys in the afternoon to Sarnia which is just over the border. They are going to swim and play and then go see the new house and pick out their new rooms. It will be a much needed break for the big boys (and for Ian.)


4 Responses to “On the Airway Floor!”

  1. 1 Jennie April 24, 2008 at 8:46 pm


    What fabulous news! I was so relieved when we made it to the airway floor. They should be able to give you a portable pulse ox if you want to take a wagon ride. As he becomes more active, he will want to start eating again. Those continuous feeds will kill any desire for hunger. It did take Hannah a good month to regain full strength. Parker is making fabulous progress!

    I will try to stop by this weekend. Let me know what I should bring to entertain!!!

  2. 2 Cathlin April 24, 2008 at 8:59 pm

    Wonderful news… and you will only be (roughly) 250 miles from me now… in the grand scheme of things – that is not that far… 🙂 hope everything continues to improve!!

  3. 3 Lara (Isaacs Mom) April 24, 2008 at 9:19 pm

    Hooray Parker!!

    I agree with trying to keep the feeding tube out, kids do better if you ‘make’ them eat. Well, since when does Parker follow any of the rules though? Glad to see you moving in the right direction.

    Bummer about having to move right now. Ah, life, crazy sometimes isn’t it.


  4. 4 Becky April 25, 2008 at 2:19 am

    Welcome new neighbor! Glad to hear Parker is doing so well. It sounds like he is bouncing back fast. I hope your back feels better too. 🙂 Let me know if you guys need help with the move to Michigan or anything else. We’re only 45 minutes from Flint.


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