Saturday . . .

Parker had uneventful day yesterday. His night was a bit rough. As we were leaving last night he was getting a little restless and we wondered if he was starting to hit the wall with his current dose of sedation meds. He was. He was restless overnight and needed to have his meds upped. They are also using more paralytic drugs with him right now to keep him still. This is all a normal part of the process, but it is stressful to try to keep him from moving his head and neck and make sure the ventilator tube doesn’t come out while they sort out the additional meds. Thankfully we aren’t having the same delays that we had that first night, but believe me any delay FEELS like an eternity to us.

He has also spiked a fever, which is normal after this surgery, but they just drew cultures just to make sure. He’s also on post-operative antibiotics which should knock out anything that might be brewing.

We are very pleased with everything so far. He seems to be doing well and exactly as they want them to after this surgery. Of course, in this world, we are always waiting for the other shoe to drop. It ain’t over ’til it’s over . . . and even then it isn’t over.

Ian flew back to Toronto today. He is going to spend a day with the boys and then is heading to Michigan for Monday and Tuesday and then driving back down here for Wednesday, when they plan to take Parker off of the breathing machine.

Today . . . I promise I will put some pictures on here. My laptop is not designed for fancy photo editing and storing so is moving very, very slowly. But I should have some time to dedicate to it today. Parker’s big, red curls are captivating everyone who comes into the room!

We spoke to Griffin and Berkeley yesterday. They both wanted to know if Parker got his trachy trach out. Berkeley had lots of questions about how many needles Parker got and if he cried . . .

We spent some time yesterday with Colin and his family. Colin is doing really, really well. He’s getting his “sea legs” back and his narcotic withdrawals are getting less and less with each day. They hope to head home to Texas some time next week. Colin’s big sister’s miss him! We also had lunch with Hannah and Molly. Hannah is a former 25 weeker who has had this surgery among others. She lives here in Cincinnati. Molly is the little girl from Indianapolis that I told you about the other day. Her appointments are going well. Her mom and dad (Joe and Myra) each came into Parker’s room to “meet” him and check out what might be in their future with Molly.

Oh . . . we also had the urology consult. It is nothing really. I have never really had so many conversations with so many people about male anatomy before!

Now I need to go have breakfast.

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  1. 1 Jennie April 12, 2008 at 1:53 pm

    I’m so glad they seem to be staying on top of the sedation. Now that his PICC line is in, they can do even better since the line is considered “stable”.

    So glad we got to meet up yesterday. Parker really did look good when I saw him, nice and comfortable. Hannah spiked fevers off and on for several days. One of the PNPs told me that almost every LTP case does this, and they assume it is just part of the healing process, but do culturea anyway to be sure. Hannah’s cultures never grew anything. I’m glad the urology consult went well. Like you needed anything else to add to the list of concerns right now…

    Please, please let me know if you need anything or call if you just want to chat. Hopefully the weekend is quiet and he stays calm.

    Jennie and Hannah

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