In surgery now . . . finally!

Well, things got started late. Thankfully, Parker handled it like a champ. He hadn’t eaten since about 5 p.m. last night with the exception of some milk overnight and a bit of juice early this morning. He fell asleep in his daddy’s arms in the OR at about 1:30 p.m. They did a broncoscopy first and then called out to tell us that they’d started the incision in his neck.

We have spent the last two hours with Susan and Ainsley. They found us in the waiting room and have helped us pass the time. It was wonderful to meet them. Ainsley has the biggest, most infectious smile you have ever seen!

They just called out again (as I was typing) to say that things are going well. They’ve extracted the rib graft and have moved back up to the incision in the neck to start the reconstruction. They can’t give us an exact time but have advised they will call back in the next hour and a half or so to update us again. Shortly after that they should be wrapping up and taking him to the ICU. We will talk to the doctors while the ICU stabilizes him and then we can go up and see him.

I promise to update again as soon as I know something. Thank you for checking in!

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