Trach friend in surgery today . . .

This morning, our little friend Tommy Boyce will undergo a major airway surgery in Cincinnati. Tommy is a few months older than Parker and his story is among the most remarkable that I’ve heard. His parents learned through ultrasounds and testing that his airway and lungs (among other things) were very, very complicated. In fact, they gave Tommy a minimal chance of surviving for even minutes after he was born. Not satisfied with this answer, his parents found Cincinnati Children’s who are leaders in fetal care. After many appointments and lots of planning, it was decided that Tommy needed to have a tracheostomy placed as an EXIT procedure. This means that he was trached essentially just as he was emerging from the birth canal. Because the family lives in Chicago, the plan was to come to Cincinnati well before Tommy’s due date, assemble the team, and make things happen in a nice calm orderly fashion. Not to be. Tommy decided he couldn’t wait to see the world and his mom went into labor early. A jet was immediately chartered to Cincinnati and they flew with a medic and nurse to an awaiting team.

A year and a half later, Tommy is about to undergo one of the reconstruction procedures that will eventually allow him to be tracheostomy and ventilator free. This surgery is the same surgery that Parker will undergo, but Tommy’s is a double stage, meaning the trach stays put and will be removed at a future date and after several more interventions.

 Tommy will probably still be in Cincinnati when we head down for Parker’s pre-op. I’ve communicated a good bit with his parents and I  hope that we will be able to meet up while we are there. He’s a cute red-head too and I have a soft spot for red-headed neck breathers, you know!

Please keep the Boyce family in your thoughts and prayers over the next few weeks. They also have an older son who has stayed behind in Chicago under the care of family and friends.

I’m sure that the family will update his Care Page today. I will update here as well when I know what is  happening.

Update: Tommy’s surgery went well. One of the big questions going into the surgery was if he had any functional vocal cords. Turns out he doesn’t have any obvious vocal cord development but the surgeon was able to create a fold in the area that they hope will stand in for the true cords. Additionally, the grafts for the surgery went well. Tommy’s airway is stinted open and by all accounts everything went well. Now we can hope for a speedy and uneventful recovery.

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